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    A well-done implementation is key for the
    success of a new technology in your business
    We have a world-class team of
    project managers and programmers making
    and maintaining our clients’ implementations

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Data synchronization

We connect your company’s sales information with our products so your salesmen, supervisors and managers access real time information remotely.

1. Integration with your ERP system

We have a team dedicated solely to maintaining our integrations with the most renowned ERP systems.

Standardized connections with:
PeachTree - Integration Ubiqua
SAP - Integration Ubiqua
Elconix - Integration Ubiqua
Microsoft Dynamics - Integration Ubiqua
NAF - Integration Ubiqua

We work with ERP providers to make our connections completely safe.

In case your ERP system is not among the ones mentioned, our Integrations team will diagnose the way we can synchronise your data with our products.

2. Scheduled .CSV or .TXT files

You can automatically import .CSV or .TXT files with data updates to Ubiqua. It’s an extremely fast and efficient way to synch your information.

Scheduled .CSV or .TXT files

Extra Resources

We have resources available to make you implementation less traumatic for your business

Project Manager - Ubiqua Integration

Project Manager

Our project manager would be in charge of:

  • Supervising the integration with your ERP system following a Project schedule.
  • Keep management up to date on the project.
Training sessions - Ubiqua Integration

Training sessions

  • We teach your sales force how to use our services
  • We offer seminaries on sales topics such as managing objections, sales funnel practices among others.

Customer support

After implementing our services in your company, we provide customer services directly to the users.


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