Ubiqua POC processes purchase orders received from your clients in seconds. With POC, your business will be able to:

  • Decrease personnel processing purchase orders
  • Accelerate your billing process
  • Decrease product returns because of processing errors
  • Sell more to your biggest clients

How POCworks

Automatically and seamlessly process your client’s purchase orders

Processing purchase orders

As soon as a purchase order is sent via email to the wholesaler, we identify it and  process it.

Error finder

In a purchase order, prices or barcodes discrepancies are very common. POC
identifies the erros and notifies the person responsible of fixing it.

Purchase order

As soon as we receive a purchase
order via email, POC identifies the
client that sent it and
automatically downloads the
email attachmen

Purchase order

We transform a client’s purchase
order into an order in your ERP

Error finder

Finds errors in the purchase order

Error Notifier

POC notifies the person in charge
of fixing that specific error